Haier Rebranding

Rebranding for Haier — home appliance brand.




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What we did:


Identity for Haier, a home appliance brand that strives to create technology with tangible benefits.

The design is based on the zero distance concept, which Haier adheres to: the user’s request, the real needs of a person, which are covered by technology, are always at the forefront.

We took the same concept as the basis for our design - we literally showed that Haier technology is always invisibly present nearby, as if illuminating the space of different media with its signature blue light.

Blue is also used to highlight semantic accents - for image texts, the keyword is highlighted with a gradient, and for product benefits, it is additionally emphasized with a blue fill.

The Haier brand is about functionality, which is why the identity turned out to be minimalistic and functional.

We always start from how the identity will live in the future, how it will be used within the company.

Here we didn’t just show all possible media, but always followed the task - for example, for social networks we decided not to stick to dark colors with highlights, but made more variability so that social networks looked consistent, but still different.

And the Aeonik Pro font will be well read in both print and digital communications - an aesthetic that always works for the task.

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